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Patrol & Alarm Service

The Maksimum Security patrol division uses both marked and unmarked vehicles. Our vehicles, as well as the officers, are equipped with the latest in radio and communication equipment. All patrol officers are part of the management team and are trained and certified in the State of Oregon as armed security officers by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). Patrol officers are assigned specific patrol areas and are radio dispatched in the event of an alarm or other emergency. Patrols are conducted at irregular intervals to prevent any would-be criminals from establishing a pattern that would work to their benefit. For the purposes of deterring crime, the patrols are highly visible. Maksimum Security has an excellent rapport with local law enforcement agencies and our clientele are immediately notified of any illegal activity involving their property.

Onsite Security Service

 Maksimum Security understands that no two businesses are alike. This being the case, we also understand that security needs also differ. We tailor our security services to your individual needs. Our officers are trained to protect your property and interests. Our aim is to provide officers who are not only dedicated to their work, but most importantly, to our clientele. Our goal here is to ensure efficiency and to foster a sense of confidence and belonging. Maksimum Security is able to provide onsite security services ranging from something as simple as watching cement dry to executive protection and the entire spectrum in between.

Special Events Service

Sporting events, dances, concerts, weddings and other public gatherings are only a few of the excellent opportunities to take advantage of our Special Events Team. From providing perimeter security to crowd control, our officers know and understand the complexities of special event security. Our officers are highly motivated and trained in public relations. From the pre-planning stages to the final closing of the doors, our event staff will ensure that absolutely no detail is left to chance.

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