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Brandon Mak is the president of Maksimum Security and has over 30 years experience in the security industry. Brandon has served as the Unarmed Representative on the Oregon Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training Private Security Policy Committee for 4 years. This Committee sets the training and all standards for Oregon State security companies and their employee’s. For over 15 years, he has been a Oregon DPSST unarmed instructor. In 2010 became an armed instructor for the state of Oregon and Washington.

Maksimum Security Officers have included retired and active law enforcement officers as well as dedicated private security professionals. Our officers are all long term, career minded and highly dedicated to Maksimum Security’s motto of “Giving You Peace Of Mind”. Our officers are trained in proper use of pepper spray, ASP, Hand-cuff techniques, unarmed self defense, takedown techniques, CPR and first aid.

All patrol officers are also trained and certified armed officers. Their training is designed by the State of Oregon and is comparable to the instruction used by Police agencies. This course is taught by a state certified Private Security instructor. All of our officers undergo continued in house training in all the normal skills of a Private Security Professional, as well as the specialized skills needed to the individual needs of our clientele.

State of Oregon DPSST Training – Maksimum Security has several certified training instructors on staff. We offer both armed and unarmed certification instruction, using curriculum provided by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training of the State of Oregon. Maksimum Security also makes our certified instructors available to businesses who have their own in house security personnel and needs.

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